The myth says that Shangri-La is a secret valley in Tibet or
called the paradise on earth. We think that our beloved friends that has past
away are there now.





" In the short walk of this life
We have had our shares of joy
Let us hope to meet again
In the youth of next life"

Poem by the 6th Dalai Lama


This movie is made by Lars Walfridsson. A big THANKS!
He named the movie; Memorys...........

Some of them.....unfortunatley taken from us way to early...


Yangadoo's Auburn Angel



Yangadoo's Alert Achates


Guernica Ao av Nangijala


Electra Ac Av Nangijala


Don E.O.
1988 - 2005


1990 - 2005


S Ch Ståltorps Woodfield Dream Girl
1993 - 2004

Lhasa Apso


Tjenge's Hii'dii
2001 - 2002
Belgian shepherd/Tervueren


Lirarnas Juliette
1996 - 2001


Deeply loved, missed....