All of our puppies are reared in the house not in kennels. They are born in our bedroom and when they are about 4 weeks old we take them downstairs so they can meet the rest of the family and get used to everyday noises they will have to encounter.
We do not allow anyone to visit our puppies before this age as we feel the mum needs her rest and time to devote to her babies wihtout any interuptions. All of our puppies are registered with the FCI Swedish Kennel Club, and are vaccinated and wormed before they leave home which is not before 8-9 weeks old.



Because we can only keep a limited number of dogs, we may occasionally have an adult wich we feel would benefit from moving to a new home where they will be the King or Queen of that house!
If you are interested in an adult dog then send us an email telling us about yourself and your family, and your dog owning experience, if you are working and the reasons for wanting a dog, and we will contact you and discuss the matter further.
We promise to answer all serious enquiries.

Pernilla and Dan.