My name is Pernilla Hallgren and I'm the owner of the prefix "Yangadoo's" i live with my fiancé Dan & his 2 children 20 & 17 years old. At a farm near a city called Örebro, Sweden.
At the farm we also have horses!

A winterwalk with the dogs!
(photo taken by Lars Walfridsson)

Dogs have been a  huge part of my life, and different breeds have come into my life and my heart and my house!
But then i came across the Lhasa Apso when i was lookingfor a companion dog to the New foundland that i already had, I was with a friend visiting Ståltorps kennel and they happend to mention that they had an adult bitch who needed a new home.

Well... me who never had looked at a small breed before fell compleatly in love with her, we also decided that i should have Kex (CH Ståltorps Woodfield Dream Girl) on trial for a month, just to see if we could along together, and boy did we ever??!
Im convinced that Kex and I are kindred spirits, and before 6months had gone i bought another Lhasa Apso, this time a puppy. Her name is CH Ståltorps Sweetheart
These girl have been my foundation bitches.

SWE CH Ståltorps Sweet Heart (1½ year old) & me!

I like to keep in touch with people who have bought a puppy from me, so that i can offer ongoing support, and every now and then we have "Puppy meetings" which is a wonderful way to keep in touch and see the pups progress. I like to keep in touch through the puppies entire lifetime. And I am always available to offer help and advice to anyone who buys a puppy from me.

  No Puppy leaves here before the age of 8-9 weeks, and we follow the rules set by the Swedish Kennel Club.
Our breeding stock are all eyetested for PRA before used in our breeding programme.

We prefer that the dog has been shown and proven itself in the ring before going into our breeding programme. BUT if we find an interesting Apso who may not be shown and is clipped,, if we like the pedigree and the construction/type and of the dog then we dont hesitate to use it.

"Me with a bunch of Yangadoo's dogs on a visit"

I want my dogs to have a well laid back shoulder which then gives them a beautiful topline and then a well placed tail, we want a strong hindquarter with good anugulation, we dont want exaggerated movement, we want a dog who shows it selfs with its head held high so it gives that worthy apperance. We dont want a short nose or a long nose, the standard states that the lenght of nose should be1-3 of the head. Dark almond shaped eyes, reverse scissorbites and as a broad underjaw as possible, then i want a good coat that is as hard and straight as possible.

We respect that most pet apsos are clipped and we feel that as breeders we have to have as broad spectre as possible, however we insist the dog shouldnt have any major "flaws" as our goal is to breed sound healthy dogs with good temperaments, who can bring joy and happiness to their owners for many years to come.

One of our "morningwalks"!

All of our dogs live in our house, with no cages, most of them sleep on the couch and some even in our bed! We want them to live as "normal"  life as it is possible for us to give them. Of course they have to seperated when bitches are in season and when the girls have puppies, which are born in our bedroom and stay there until we feel they are settled and cofident enough to come downstairs into the kitchen when they are approximately 3-4 weeks old. Nobody is allowed into our house until this time as we feel the bitch needs her privacy and time alone with her babies with no interuptions. When the time comes for the puppies to leave we send them to their own "puppy pack" which includes their leash, some food which they are weaned onto and some toys which have the smell of the mum and other puppies on them, this we feel helps them to settle.
We want our puppies to have the best possible start in life!

Pernilla Hallgren
Fellingsbro, Sweden
phone: +46 70365 88 46