O-litter, born 19 maj-08

  Yangadoo's Ohh Lay Your Love On Me
  Yangadoo's On A Night Like This


föräldrar är:

Topanga's Take's Two To Tango                                                 Yangadoo's Golden Dream Girl
Topanga's Take's Two To Tango S ch, N ch
Whisborne Triple Play
Ch Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes San Jo Party Popper
Chic Choix Blackberri Blues
Whisborne Toy of Toys Ch  Nedlik Elegant George
at Botolph
Whisborne Electric Toy
Whisborne Ghostly Voice Ch Whisborne 
Hair Apparent
Ch Travis Nose for News
Ch Spinmatic News Week
Whisborne Heart N' Motion Am Fin Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Rockefeller
Fin N Ch Hylan Shotru Bye Bye Birdy
Yangadoo's Golden Dream Girl Otherwise Topaz till Yangadoo´s  Little Lion's Lion King Ch Ma-Tina´z X'anti Gibson
Otherwise Josefina II
Little Lions Golden Eye


Nahemja Dudley Dan
Otehrwise Cornelia
Yangadoo's Auburn Angel Ståltorps Tazz Sv-98-99 Euv-99 Nord, Int,Fin Ch
Whisborne Braveheart
S Ch Ståltorps Red Ant
S Ch Ståltorps Woodfield Dream Girl Woodfield Golden Knight at Sursumcorda
Daggkåpans Diana