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Yangadoo´s Bronze Bambi

Some new photos on our "Ninni"
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   TIBETHUND  4/10-03  
(Swedish special show for all tibetian breeds)

Yangadoo's Admirable Ace  CAC, 2-Best male          Yangadoo's Alert Achates Ck ("CAC quality")               Yangadoo's Admirable Ace  CAC, 2-Best male          Yangadoo's Alert Achates Ck ("CAC quality")

Yangadoo´s Admirable Ace

Owner: Mrs E-L Andersson


Yangadoo´s Alert Achates

Judge: Ralf Golzem, Germany

At the Swedish Lhasa Apso Club show Köping 20/9-03

Yangadoo´s Double Play BOB-puppy 4-6 months & BIS-2 puppy! 

 Owner: Fam. Walfridsson-Miller, Västerås


Yangadoo´s Dressed For Succes, BOS-puppy 4-6months

Owner: Mrs C Björlin, Laxå


Yangadoo´s Alert Achates  became 3-Best female


Topanga´s Take´s Two To Tango became 4-Best male



Yangadoo´s Lhasa Apso became BIS-2 breeders group!!

Judge: Mrs Kristina Tervonen 

Puppies born 13th sept. look under "Puppies"!

sire: Topanga´s Take´s Two to Tango
dame: Yangadoo´s Auburn Angel

Yangadoo´s Day Dreamer "Nemo"

went BIS-4, puppy on his first show, 4 months old!

Otherwise Topaz Till Yangadoo´s

"Lhasse" 1year old!

Pedigree and more photos!

Yangadoo´s Double Play 14 weeks old!

At the Swedish Lhasa Apso Club Show, 
Tånga Hed 10/5-03

Our: Swed Ch Ståltorps Woodfield Dream Girl,  9½years old, became
Best In Show & Best in Show Veteran!

 BOS: Temple Fontana´s Fabian   

BOB, BIS: S CH Ståltorps Woodfiled Dream Girl

Judge: Mr Paul Stanton

We have puppies!
Born; 03-04-10, 2+2

sire: S Ch, N Ch Whisborne Triple Play
S Ch Ståltorps Sweet Heart

A new male has arrived to us!
Topanga's Take's Two to Tango

Pedigree and more photos!

Presenting on of our youngsters: Yangadoo's Bronze Bambi!

"Ninni" 15 months

    S Ch Ståltorps Woodfield Dream Girl,  born -93

Ended up as second most winning Lhasa Apso veteran in Sweden 2002!

SvKTR, Köping 25/1-03

Yangadoo's Come Along, (11months)  5-Best female
Judge: Mr Kenneth Edh

SKK,Göteborg INT 5/1-03

Yangadoo's: BOB Group!

Judge: Mr Knut S Wilberg


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