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Welcome to us!
Junior SkCh, Sk,Pl, Cz, Hu,Ro Ch,
Int Ch
GrandCh Sk
 Clubwinner 2004, Winner of Slovakia 2005
Clavius Ivepet

Our Yangadoo's Montoya will be in Slovkia during the same time that "Clavius" are here with us. We want to thank Iveta Petráková kennel Ivepet and wish her and "Montoya" a really fun and happy show year 2009!

Yangadoo's Montoya

Welcome home "Morten"!!
Midwa's Geronimo C

Thanks Tone for this lovely boy!
See more on MALES

First show for "Loppan" & Charly, both i puppyclass unofficial show ÖLKC

Yangadoo's Ohh Lay Your Love On Me; BOB-puppy

Critique: (translated from Swedish)
Corr head, Good topline,
Enough deep of chest. Good angulations,
God proportions. Very promising puppy!

Crystal Eye's Nordic Star; BOS-puppy

Critique:(translated from Swedish)
Nice head, good neck & topline,
Good chest & angulations. Nice coat quality.
Moves very typical.

Judge: Mr Henrik Skog

We didn't stay fot the BIG & BIS finals, becuase of to long waiting....

"Tibethund" 4okt (Swed show for all Tibetan breeds)

Yangadoo's Let's Rock 'N' Roll, nr 1 open class, with CAC quality

owner Yangadoo's/ M Lindborg

Judge: Mrs Paulinn Torrance, UK

Högbo Bruk, SKK INT 6 september

Yangadoo's Let's Rock 'N'Roll 3 Best Male with R-Cacib

owner Yangadoo's/ M Lindborg


Yangadoo'sMy Sweet Heart 3 Best female

owner Yangadoo's

Judge: Mr Zhuk Anatoli,Russia

SKCs Köping 20th july

Yangadoo's Montoya 5 best male with CAC quality

owner: Yangadoo's

Judge: Barbara Wood, usa

SKC Alfta 12th july
Yangadoo's Let's Rock 'N' Roll 2best male with CAC quality

owners. M Lindborg & Yangadoo's

Yangadoo's My Sweet Heart 1best female, CAC & BOS!

owner Yangadoo's

Judge:Mr Gunnar Nymann, Denmark

Our new male arriwed finally during the world show Crystal Eye's Nordic Star!

See more on the side for our MALES!

Tibetan breed World ShowWorldshow 5 juli 2008

Yangadoo's Love To Love You,  nr 2  intermediate class, males

owner K Edlund

Worldshow 4th juli 2008, Stockholm
Yangadoo's Love To Love You, nr 2 intermediate class, males

owner: K. Edlund

Yangadoo's My Sweet Heart nr 4 i juniorclass females

Photo Ruth Revillas, kennel Khumbila,Spain

Thanks Mojca, kennel Titling for the photo!

Judge: MrPaul Stanton
He comment her with words:
She has a head to DIE for!

owner Yangadoo's

SKC Avesta 15 juni

Yangadoo's New Vicktory BOS-puppy

owners:L Grubb Becker, H Bernström

Yangadoo's Love To Love You,  2 best male with CAC quality 

owner: K. Edlund

Yangadoo's My Sweet Heart Ck, oplacerad

Judge: Mr Carlos Saevich

Our import! Crystal Eye's Nordic Star!


At SKCs show in Sundsvall 25 may 

Yangadoo´s Need For Speed BOB-puppy

owner: J.Magnusson & R. Bergman


At SKCs show in Österbybruk 24may

Yangadoo's New Victory  BOB-puppy

owner: L.Grübb-Becker & H.Bernström

Yangadoo's Love To Love You, 2 best male
owner: K. Edlund


New Puppies! Born 19 may, more info at PUPPYs side

At SKCs show in Larv  11of may

Yangadoo's Love To Love You got CAC and best male 2

Owner Kicki Edlund

Yangadoo's Dressed Fos Success got CAC, and became a Swed CHAMPION
and best female 3

Owner Camilla Björlin

Judge: Sim Simon, Philippines

Hugh congrats to You both! Well done!

At SvKTRs Official show in Kisa

 Yangadoo's My Sweet Heart 1:1Hp, this was her first show this year!

Owner Yangadoo's

They where 14 months

Yangadoo's Montoya  1:1Hp, this was hes first show

owner Yangadoo's


Swed ch Yangadoo's Himalaya Heart of Gold blev 5 bt!

Photos: J Petersson
Owners Yangadoo's & Dajala's

Judge: Mrs Nina Karlsdotter

At the Swedish Lhasa Apso club Top-10 for veterans 2007:

 Swed ch Ståltorps Sweet Heart nr 6!

owner: Yangadoo's

And on the Swedish Lhasa Apso club Top-5 breeders: Yangadoo's nr 4!