7 weeks old  Fr left puppy nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Nr1: Yangadoo's Killer of Giants, male owner: Fam Johansson, Nora

Nr2: Yangadoo's Kindly Given To Me By MA, female owner Yangadoo's

Nr3: Yangadoo's King of Rock 'N' Roll  male owner:R Bergman, Alnö

Nr4: Yangadoo's King Cool, male owner: A-B Hallgren, Askersund

Nr5: Yangadoo's Kid Rock male owner:H Joelsson, Värsås

More photos will come....!



Ståltorps Fear Factor SCh Dreamhouse Part Of The Puzzle CACh DKCh FINCh SCh USCh KBHV-02 Whisborne Sleep Walker INTCh NORDCh NORDV-94 Whisborne Hair Apparent
Whisborne Heart 'N' Motion
Whisborne Sweet Charity
EECh INTCh NORDCh SCH USCh FINV-94-95 Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes
Whisborne Toy Of Toys
Ståltorps Sugar Ant
1Cert/ 1CAC
FINCh INTCh ITCh SCh AMSTW-97 Zuccherocaramellato Dell'Alberico ITCh Hylan Shotru Flip-Top
INTCh ITCh Hylan Shotru Sugar Baby
SCh Ståltorps Red Ant Woodfield Golden Knight at Sursumcorda
SCh Sa-Tru's I'm The Golden Child
Yangadoo's Come Along
CK / CAC quality
Shaggy Dogs Eros Ramazzotti
Quebec Dell'Alberico INTCh ITCh AMCh FINCh NLCh ACh RSMCh PORTCh EUW-94-95 AMSTW-96 Ulderigo Dell'Alberico
ITCh Handsome Hannah VD Warwinckel
Shaggy Dogs Wilma
SCh FinCh
Tintavon Tua'Motu
Swedhouse Kiss Me Quick
1cert/ 1CAC
Yangadoo's Alert Achates
1cert/ 1 CAC
Ståltorps Tazz Sv-98-99-01 NORDCh INTCh EUW-99 Whisborne Braveheart
SCh Ståltorps Red Ant
SCH Ståltorps Woodfield Dream Girl Woodfield Golden Knight at Sursumcorda
Daggkåpans Diana