Nr 1 Lhasa Apso hane i Slovakien 2009
Nr 1 Lhasa Apso male in Slovakia 2009
Född 2007 01 21/Born 21th of january 2007

Exported to Slovakia
Owned in cooperation Ivepet/Yangadoo's

Qualified for Crufts 2010 & 2011!

"Toya" in Sweden summer 2011, 4½years old!


4år/4years and back in Sweden for a while!


3½years old!


2½år/ 2½years old


2år /2 years


20 månader/20 months

15 månader/15 months old


 hane 9 veckor/ male 9weeks

I Sverige;/I Sverige:

Yangadoo's Bronze Bambi (1Cert & R-Cacib) Topanga's Take's Two To Tango (Ck)


Take´s Two To Tango

S ch, N ch
Whisborne Triple Play
Ch Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes San Jo Party Popper
Chic Choix Blackberri Blues
Whisborne Toy of Toys Ch  Nedlik Elegant George at Botolph
Whisborne Electric Toy
Whisborne Ghostly Voice 2 Cert Ch Whisborne 
Hair Apparent
Ch Travis Nose for News
Ch Spinmatic News Week
Whisborne Heart N' Motion Am Fin Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Rockefeller
Fin N Ch Hylan Shotru Bye Bye Birdie
Yangadoo's Bronze Bambi
1 Cert R-CACIB
Little Lion's Lion King 1Cert Ch Ma-Tina´z X'anti Gibson Ch Chic Choix Speedy Gonzales
S N Ch Ma-Tina'z Selma
Otherwise Josefina II Ch Shaggy Dogs Wilgot
Otherwise Drina
S ch Ståltorps Sweet Heart Sv-98-99 Euv-99 Nord, Int,Fin Ch
Whisborne Braveheart
Am Fin Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Rockefeller
Fin N Ch Hylan Shotru Bye Bye Birdy
S Ch Ståltorps Red Ant Woodfield Golden Knight at Sursumcorda
S Ch Sa-Tru's I'm The Golden Child